CHAIR, empty. It is most unlucky to sit next to an empty chair.


PIG, meeting. If a sow crosses the path of a wedding-party on the nuptial day, the marriage is doomed.


BIRTHDAY, crying on. To cry on your birthday is to cry every day of the forthcoming year.


ONION protects from the effects of caning. Before the operation of being caned, biting a raw onion will mitigate the pain.


STAIRS, tripping. Should one trip on the stairs, it will lead to marriage within one year.


EEL-SKIN GARTER prevents cramp/rheumatism. It is the custom to wear an eelskin garter above the knee to prevent the cramp and as a preventative of rheumatism.


KNIFE, licking. One is to never lick food off a knife. Doing so will make one a cruel person.


URINATING together. It is a well received opinion that if two do piss together they shall quarrel.


ADULTERER cures warts. Warts are infallibly cured by rubbing the affected part secretly against the body of an adulterous man.

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